Indianah is the swimmer of the week!!


Tuesday was the start of week 3 at Kristy’s School of Fish. I felt like this week was the week to let out a big sigh. Everyone (including me) was starting to feel more relaxed and really enjoying themselves this week.

There have been a few kids that have had a few bumpy weeks and have been trying hard to cope with the new environment as well as having a big break from seeing Kristy and swimming over the christmas holidays. None more so than Indie. Indie is in the Tadpole level and is 2 years old. For the last 2 weeks she has  shed a tear or 2 (maybe more than 2) she has come up with lots of excuses why she can’t swim (I need a wee, I don’t like that other person in the pool or my personal favourite, I just don’t want to!) but this week she really turned the corner.

This week Indie was the perfect little swimmer. She was going under to get the toys, swimming to Kristy, going down the slide and basically anything I asked her to do, not only was she a great swimmer this week but all this was done with a smile on her face. Not a single tear was shed. She even let us take some photos of her in action.

I know there are plenty of parents out there who are struggling with the idea that maybe all of the crying and emotion is just not worth it. Let me tell you that the reward of seeing your child in the water eventually smiling and having fun while learning this valuable life skill is well worth all the tears and just remember you may just be teaching them a skill that may  save their life one day and that in itself is surely worth those tears.

Well done to Indie and to all the kids that are trying so hard to learn to swim but most of all well done to all the parents who honour the commitment to teach their kids to swim regardless of the tears that are shed every week.



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