(6-12 months)

Infants are introduced to the water with songs and games to encourage water confidence. Parents are shown how to hold their babies, helping to foster this confidence. Submersion, as well as other life saving skills are taught, like turn and reach, rolling and back floats.


(12 months +)

At this stage, exploration of mobility and confidence is the main focus. Longer submersion and increased independence is encouraged.

Slippery Seals

This class is for advanced toddlers. Our Slippery Seals are confident little swimmers. Songs and games are still very much part of a fun lesson however the focus is on life saving skills and growing independence.


At this stage, parents are phased out. Beginner swimmers will learn submersion skills as well as basic propulsion. Water safety techniques such as “turn and reach” and back floating, are also incorporated. These skills are initially taught using the shallow water platform to gain self-confidence, then migrating into deeper water.


This is where the real action starts. In this level children are challenged to start using their “big arms”. Techniques such as “swim, roll, swim”, teach your child to swim until they are tired and then roll and rest on their back until they feel ready to continue swimming to safety.


In this level your child will start learning the skills of Bi-lateral breathing (freestyle). They will also be introduced to the lifesaving skill of survival backstroke. The fundamentals of backstroke are also introduced.


In this level your child will work in a circuit to achieve more endurance and correct freestyle and backstroke technique. By the end of this level they should be able to swim both strokes with correct technique over at least 25m.