Winter is coming



Why should my child swim through Winter?

With the weather getting colder many parents start asking the question whether swimming through winter is worth while. For me the answer is always YES.

At Kristy’s School of Fish we keep our water and surrounds warm all year long. Our water temperature is 33’ and our indoor facility, with our unique extraction system, means that not only is the air temperature warm for our swimmers but comfortable for those watching ,with no foggy chlorine drenched air. So eveyone can enjoy their time at Kristy’s School of Fish.


Children under 5 have little muscle mermory, which means that they need consistent, repetitive practice to learn and maintain skills. During summer kids are using their aquatic skills in many environments, sometimes without even realising it. Keeping your child in swimming through winter means that when summer comes they are ready to hit the beach/pool with more confidence and a greater skill level than the previous summer, instead of having to re-gain skills and confidence that were previously learnt, but now may have regressed.

By continuing your swimming lessons over Winter, you’re ensuring that your children’s skills are maintained, and that the money you’ve invested in the warmer months isn’t wasted!

We also see increased fear levels from children who have had an extended break from the water. Children who were confident and happy swimmers at the end of summer can often become fearful of the water if they haven’t been exposed to it for a long period, which can also be distressing for both the children and parents alike

Swimming through winter also secures your place coming into the busy summer period.


You can help your child enjoy their swimming through winter by making sure that you bring warm clothes, shoes and socks and that you take them home warm and dry. Please do not let them go home in wet swimmers or towel. Even putting them in a dressing gown and beanie for the trip home to keep them warm.

Girls must make sure that they do not go home with hair dripping down their back. Please look at a hair turban (available cheaply at Big W) or make sure their hair is dry before you leave.


It is a common misconception that swimming through winter will make your child sick but it is actually proven that it helps to increase immunity. Learning to swim helps strengthen their lungs and bodies so they can fight sickness and decrease recovery times when they do get sick.


At Kristy’s School of Fish we have made recent modifications to our filtration system to provide students with the best quality water available using the latest in Ozone and UV technology that has been proven to kill more germs and bacteria than anything else on the market, keeping your kids healthy in our crystal clear water.

We really try hard to keep our pool as healthy as possible and would appreciate your help on the matter. If you or your child is sick please do not attend the centre. This will help in keeping our centre healthy and ensure your child’s instructor can keep up a consistent attendance. We do provide make-up classes (with prior notice) if your child is unwell.

Exclusions are as follows

1 If your child looks or is acting out of sorts or has visible signs of being unwell

2 If you child has green, white or yellow snot

3 Any unidentified rash must be cleared by a medical practitioner before the child can attend the class

4 Open wounds are not to be put in the water

5 A 48-hour exclusion period applies to diarrhoea and vomiting. Children are not to attend until 48 hours after the last loose stool or vomit


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